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Welcome to FREAKER!

Check out our newest Accessories...Tired of wet sweaty beer bottles. We have some real fashion classy sweaters koozies to solve this! 

Buy them here: Freaker sold at – Debra's Passion Boutique

Hello, I’m a FREAKER!  There’s elastic knit throughout my BEAUTIFUL body, giving me the ability to stretch and fit BEER, SPORTS, WATER & WINE containers!  I protect your hands from icy-sweaty beverages, keep your drinks COLD and you looking snazzy!  Goodbye soggy napkins, moist Handshakes, and table & cup holder puddles that drip on you every time you take a freakin drink!

MADE IN THE FREAKIN’ USA Patent # 8,104,636

Check these out here: Freaker sold at – Debra's Passion Boutique

Debra's Passion Boutique Style Diva
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