Christmas Earrings - 13 Different Themes

$ 8.95

Choose your favorite theme Christmas Earrings:

Individually wrapped in plastic, makes great presents. 

Glitter Mistletoe with Bells - Green MER0009-GRN Length 2.75

Glitter Mistletoe with Bells - Red MER0009-RED Length 2.75

Glitter Mistletoe with Bells - Silver MER0009-SV Length 2.75

Wood Christmas Stocking - ER1157-3 Length 3.5

Beaded Snowflake - 133523-G Length 2.5 - Pierced Post

Buffalo Plaid Glitter Christmas Tree- RED - DFE0237-REDBLK Length 2.5

Beaded Peppermint Hot Chocolate - 133545-RD Length 2.25 Pierced Post

Beaded Ginger Bread - SKE0367-BRN Length 3.0

Pompom Wreath - ER1188-GRN Length 3.0

Christmas Tree Green Plaid - ER0644-GRN Length 2.5

Christmas Tree Serape  Green - ER0398-GRN Length 2.5

Christmas Tree Serape - Red - ER0398-RED Length 2.5

Small Tiny Silver Christmas Present - EM8827-MUL  .75 enamel


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